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10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Some Friends Above Work

Work is an important aspect of our life, but sometimes it seems to take up a major part of our life. It is quite common for us to put our friends on hold in order to deal with work. Through this commitment to work is commendable, we should not let work rob us of our social life and, more importantly, of our friends.

True, working hard will get us ample money. But can money buy you happiness? Can money satisfy your desire to be loved? Can money, comfort you in times of need? The answer is a great big – No! Money may give us material comfort and allow us to enjoy a life of extravagance, but when it comes down to basic human needs, the only thing that works is friends.


The Essence of Friendship

Friendship has many dimensions. You have close friends, best friends, work friends and others. Not all may be true friends, but there are always those few who you can rely on, no matter what. True friends are a sure refuge in any kind of situation. Apart from family, friends are the biggest strengths of a person. So here are10 reasons why you should give your close friends highest priority, prioritizing them even above your work.