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10 Star Kids Who Flopped in Bollywood

While some Bollywood star kids have lived up to the expectations set by ‘aamjantha’ and made their parents proud, a few of them have not passed the test with flying colors. Here is a look of 10 star kids who flopped big time in Bollywood!

1. Uday Chopra

Uday Chopra

He tried and tried hard indeed, but luck did not favor this star born in Bollywood’s most famous producer family. As luck may have it, Uday, the son of none other than Yash Chopra himself, could not make it big on the dais. His debutante movie was Mohabbatein, where he put up a reasonable show. But, Uday failed to create a lasting impact on the audience and he soon faded away into the oblivion with a few decent performances like the Dhoom series.