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2015 Democracy Day – Globe Celebrates

Meet John.
John is a regular, everyday guy.
John wishes for change in his country.
And with the power he wields living in a democracy; he is able to do so.
So despite being a regular guy, He is able to control his future.
This is the power of democracy.

Sounds a bit much like an infomercial, doesn’t it? Well, as long as you get the point and realize the United Nations observes 15 September as International Democracy Day. Why do we have this day? How does it benefit you or me?


Democracy has allowed people, such as John, to embrace their value as citizens; it has empowered them with it. And not just for this one John; there are millions more benefiting from this form of power.Though, this has not always been the case.

The oppression of man’s most basic rights have always that one stain or mark that can never be wiped clean. And, the history of the world has provided enough evidence of the last 100 years in support of these statements. And if what has been said about the past repeating itself, then we are in a lot of trouble. But mankind has learnt from his mistakes and has taken the necessary measures to not let this happen again, not by saying ‘hey, that was bad’, but rather implementing their words into action.
And thus, gave birth to Democracy. A tool used by the common nobodies to strip power away from those who would have otherwise mishandled it for all the wrong reasons. Finally the people are in control of what goes on and no country would prosper better without it.