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5 Extraordinary Ways To Celebrate Your Love

Usually, when people want to celebrate love, they wait for Valentine’s Day. This is the day when florists, chocolate stores and greeting card companies have rollicking business. But do you really want to wait until 14 Feb. to celebrate your love? Why can’t love, which is so precious, be celebrated when you feel like it?

It is time to move away from materialistic gifts that Valentine’s Day is so popular for and shift to doing extraordinary things for the love of your life. Here are some unique and unusual ways to celebrate your love and make that someone special in your life feel extra special.

1. Lay The Foundation For Your Personal Garden of Eden

Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden

Plants have been associated with fertility and prosperity since time immemorial. By starting a garden to celebrate your love, you will have something that flourishes and grows like your love and you also will be doing your bit as a couple for the environment.

Select a flowering plant and fruit tree for one another. Then, plant them in the garden to symbolize your love. Remember plants need proper care and nurturing to bear fruits and flowers. Just like that your love needs care and nurturing to blossom. This can be a tradition that you practice every year to mark and celebrate your love for each other. This green-themed celebration can bring you great joy each time you look out of the window and see the vibrantly colored flower and juicy fruits.