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5 Ridiculous Misconceptions About Islam

We boast about being a progressive world, yet still fall back on our regressive ways, at times. For instance, despite having a mind of our own we easily believe nonsensical gossip, misconceptions and rumors that surround us. One common instance of this is when it comes to our knowledge of Islam. Many people, particularly Westerners have little knowledge about Islam and this is what has created these misconceptions in the minds of people, which we are today hoping to shatter.

1. Signs of Terrorism – Blame the Muslims

Signs of Terrorism – Blame the Muslims

This is by far the worst stereotyping that one tends to hold against Muslims. Many political dictators looking to incite war, have used the name of Muslims just to rally people or start communal riots due to this ingrained misconception that sadly a large number of people believe. However, the Quran asserts that you do not fight or attack people unless in self-defense. No part of Islam nor the teachings of Muhammad promote the killing of innocent people.