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5 Ways To Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami This Year!

Janmashtmi! Means the day when lord Krishna was born. A day to celebrate with joy and happiness. A day to spread love all over. Krishna is considered to be the avatar of lord Vishnu. The manav avatar after lord Ram. We celebrate this day every year by doing fasting all day and make a pooja at 12. States like Gujarat, Maharashtra has so much excitement for this festival from the beginning of the year. They even make makhan handi and celebrate. Let us see how can we celebrate this day


1. By making some deserts.

Deserts are the best part of any festival. Making different sweet dishes are actually not an easy task but when it comes to eating it, it’s really easy. We often make deserts in a jovial moment, festivals or sometimes when we are happy and now it’s a ritual to make a mouth watering sweet dish in any festival and so as janamshtmi.

2. Fasting all day

Janmashtmi is considered as one of the biggest festival of Hindus. And on this day, people do fasting all day by eating fruits and sometime not even water whole day till 12 midnight. It is believed that at 12, lord Krishna is born and that’s why we celebrate this occasion every year with so many preparations and happiness.

3. By making dahi handi and then breaks it.

Krishna is fond of eating and so as we are. In every society, family or any group, the cutest and generally a kid becomes Krishna and people makes a dahi handi and then breaks it in order to celebrate. Amazing. Isn’t it ?

4. By preparing chhapan bhog

As I told you, Krishna ji loves cuisines. Different cuisines. And so the ritual started. In many states and specially in Gujarat mathura, which is known as a birth place of lord krishna, people often makes chhappan bhog means 56 different vegetarian dishes. And serves it in a plate with garnishing and cleanliness and firstly make a bhog of lord Krishna.

5. By doing a play of Krishna radha

Krishna is known as a love lord. And paired with goddess Radha. Their love story is the pure and the oldest yet the best. They never married to each other but always loved each other. Krishna married many and loved only radha. They are not famous in India but all over the world. Their love story is the best love story one can see. People on this occasion organize a play of Krishna and radha and celebrates the day. Isn’t it aww?

These were the best ways to celebrate the birth of our god Krishna. Have more? Please do share with us. And happy janmashtmi. Keep spreading the love.