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6 Best Places To Visit Near Kolkata Upto 300 km

Kolkata, located in the state of West Bengal is a very happening city during the week. Given the hectic, tiresome lives that the people lead, come weekend, a weekend getaway is what almost everyone is in search of. There are many places in and around Calcutta that can provide people with the kind of relaxation they are looking for. So if you are looking to unwind this weekend, these are some of the places that you should consider heading out on your weekend getaway.

1. Tarakeshwar – Just A Few Minutes Away


Just around 58 km from Kolkata, this is one of the closest getaways that you will be able to find so If a long weekend is not at your disposal, but you want to get away from your regular routine and spend a little family time with your loved ones, visiting the Tarakeshwar temple would be an ideal solution. Built in 1729, the best time of the year to go here is in the months of July and August as the fair here is a major attraction.