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8 Most Expensive Bollywood Movies Ever Made

Bollywood doesn’t believe in doing things small. Whether it is making the hero larger than life or looking for exotic locales for the shoot, everything is ostentatious and in gargantuan proportions. After all, the industry has to please the masses, doesn’t it? With production houses trying to beat each other, Bollywood movie budgets are higher than some countries’ GDP!

If you are wondering which are the most expensive Bollywood movies, we have not one or two but eight of them for you.

1. Robot – A Movie For The Masses

Robot- A Movie For The Masses

Who can forget the iconic Rajnikant and the gorgeous Aishwaraya Rai Bachchan in this movie? Originally made in Tamil and then dubbed into Hindi for the Hindi-speaking audience, this movie was a box office hit not just in India, but across the world. It is estimated the budget of the movie was a whopping Rs150 crore.