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All You Need To Know About Dengue

Beware of the bite! No, we are not talking about vampires, but about mosquitoes. With India, especially the capital New Delhi, in the throes of dengue, it has become imperative to educate yourself about dengue. Otherwise, you may start panicking even if you have a mild cold and fever.

What Is Dengue?


It is a vector-borne disease spread by mosquitoes. It is quite ironic that a mosquito gets infected with the dengue virus after biting an infected human and then the mosquito starts spreading the disease with each bite! This is not a communicable disease and you cannot get it from another infected person.

The mosquito responsible for dengue fever is the one with white spotted body and legs. You will be able to recognize the moment you see it sitting on you. And, unlike the malaria-causing mosquitoes, dengue mossies bite during the day.