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Are You Deficient In These Vital Vitamins?

Do you wake up feeling tired? Often common symptoms that we overlook like muscle ache and a nagging headache is an indication of a vitamin deficiency. So, how do you know you are strapped of a particular vitamin and it is time to pop in a supplement? Read on for some quick trivia on vitamins, and how to spot a deficiency.

Calcium For Your Bones

Calcium For Your Bones

This vitamin like you already know plays a key role in maintaining and nurturing strong bones and regulating nerve and muscle function. Few of the telltale signs of a calcium deficiency are abnormal heart beats, extreme tiredness or fatigue, lack of appetite, and muscle cramps.

Doctors suggest that you drink at least three servings of milk a day. You can also include a cup of yoghurt in your daily meal, to keep this deficiency at bay. Other sources of calcium that you can consider including in your diet are dark and leafy greens, cheese and even calcium fortified packaged orange juice.