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5 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world on the second Sunday in the month of May. Frankly, it is not possible to measure the amount of love one has for one’s mother. Also one particular day is not enough to express your love for your mother. But still people celebrate Mother’s Day to make her feel special and loved in the best way possible. The trend of celebrating Mother’s Day is not new and there have been celebrations regarding the same since ancient times. But the ways of celebrating the day have changed over the years.

If you are looking to celebrate Mother’s Day this year and planning to do something different, here are 5 fantastic ways of doing the same:

Celebrate Mother's Day

  1. Give your mom the day off from all works

Well, moms work on round the clock basis without complaining ever. On Mother’s Day, give your mom the much needed holiday. Treat her with her favorite breakfast in bed. Take up the responsibilities that she does every day for you all. Manage the laundry, finish cooking, get ironing done, get things from the grocery, weed the gardens, clean the house and do all her regular works. Meanwhile let her relax with her favorite book, a movie which she wanted to see in a long time or with her favorite music. This is the much needed break that she needs!

  1. Take her out and let her enjoy

Moms hardly find time for themselves. Mother’s Day is a day you dedicate to her completely. If she is a homemaker, it is the best day to take her out for the whole day. Watch a movie together at a multiplex. Book tickets for kinds of movies she loves watching. Treat her to a lavish dinner or lunch at one of her favorite restaurants or food joints. You can also do some shopping and spend quality time together with one another. She is sure to love spending the day with you in this manner.

  1. Create a book of memories for her

We all lead extremely busy and hectic lives now. Finding time for our loved ones has become almost impossible. This Mother’s Day, create a book of memories for your mother. Collect pictures of her from different phases of her life. And this will include your photos with her as well. Select pictures where some of her achievements are recorded. You can also add your pictures where you did something similar too. This will strike the connection chord right away. You mother will just love this book of memories!

  1. Indulge in some charity work

All mothers are not lucky in having all necessities and luxuries of life. Take your mother to a charity event where such mothers are offered help and make your mother a part of the event. Let her donate anything she wants so that a struggling mother gets help in any way possible. See the tears of pride glistening in her eyes. You have made her day!

  1. Plant a tree and see it grow – just like the bond you have with your mother

Instead of buying expensive gifts and showering your mom with flowers, candles and chocolates; do something that has everlasting effects. Planting a tree is one such activity. Bring your mother to the garden or the backyard and plant a sapling together. Just like the bond and love you share with your mother increases with each passing day, the sapling grows to be a large tree over the years. The tree will always remind you of the very special Mother’s Day you had one day.

Start preparing to celebrate this Mother’s day differently!



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