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10 Countries with High Childcare Costs

Childcare is considered to be one of the primary parameters of good citizenship. From schooling to co-curricular activities, parents try to provide the best ecosystem for their children to grow up. Well, not all countries have realized the importance of childcare. It is an investment which can reap benefits in the long term. After all, spending on your child not only refines his future, but also contributes to the well-being of the people around him. The people UK spend almost a third of their income for child care. Other countries too, have caught up fast with the trend. Here is a list of ten countries with the highest childcare costs.

1. The UK (33.8% of their total income)

UK leads from the front when it comes to spending for their children. The people there create a suitable environment to nurture the mental faculties of the children. No other country spends more than a third of their income on childcare.

2. New Zealand (29.0% of their total income)

New Zealand follows the suit, but spends less than what the couples in the UK does on their children. It is conscious about the schooling and other aspects of their children.

3. Ireland (27.4% of their total income)

Ireland ranks third in the list, but provides substantial education and other childcare facilities for their children. It is even higher than the US and Canada, two of the most advanced countries in the West.

4. United States (25.6% of their total income)

People in the US spend more than a quarter of their income on childcare. This includes their recreative aspects, brain gym, sports and other educational activities. Well, spending for the children has high returns.

5. Switzerland (24.1% of their total income)

Switzerland stands somewhere between the US and Canada. It spends about 24.1% of their total income for child care. It has a good educational infrastructure and provides all-round developmental facilities for their children.

6. Canada (22.2% of their total income)

In Canada, you will notice a remarkable difference between child care expenses by couples and single parents. While the couples spend less than 25% of their total income, single parents spend around 32% of their income on childcare. This is close to what the people in the UK spend on their children.

7. Australia (15.7% of their total income)

Childcare expenses drop sharply when you consider Australia. From 22.2% in Canada, the numbers drop by about 7%.

8. Japan (15.3% of their total income)

Japan too, spends much lesser on childcare than the Western countries. It spends just around 15.3% of their total income for child care.

9. France (9.7% of their total income)

Although France and Germany are two of the technologically most refine countries in Europe, both spend less than 10% of their total income on childcare. However, the children receive standard quality of education.

10. Germany (9.7% of their total income)

Germany has figures similar to France. The educational system in Germany is highly sophisticated, and it is one of the leading countries in the world to spend on childcare. Although it ranks tenth in the ladder, it has better ranks than Russia, China and Italy.

From the statistics provided above, you can realize the citizens of UK spend almost three times the average money behind childcare. On an average, childcare expenditure revolves around 13% for the other countries. People in Portugal, Hungary and Greece spend even less than 5% of their total income on childcare. However, certain countries like the UK, New Zealand and Ireland are more conscious about the future of their children and employment. Therefore, they spend more than a quarter of their income on childcare.

Now, you know the countries where the children get the best care during their childhood.



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