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Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

The dog is perhaps the most popular pet, and dog lovers shell out big bucks to buy their favourite breeds. Apart from being the best friend of man, dogs have fascinating looks and can provide a company that even humans cannot. The costs are subjected to varying, depending on the availability of breeds. Certain breeds are difficult to get, and cost, higher than the others. The cost of dogs also depends on the location of the breeder and the popularity of the breeds. Here are the top ten most expensive dog breeds in the world.

1. Samoyed ($4,000 – $11,000)


This is perhaps the most expensive dog breed in the world. Their colour ranges from snow-white to lighter shades of biscuit. These dogs are playful and agile in nature. People often use them for herding, pulling weight and other purposes. The dog has black lips that resemble a smile. Well, these dogs can be good companions for children. You may have to socialize them a bit, as they tend to be stubborn at times. They are mostly known for their looks and pleasant behaviour.

2. English Bulldog ($2,500 – $9,000)

English Bulldog

This dog is known for its looks and short-face. They are stout, but very active in nature. These are often kept in homes, as they are gentle and lovable. They are loose jointed but short in size. Most people prefer to domesticate them as sophisticated pets. In contemporary times, they have become so popular, that they are often become part of television shows and advertisements.

3. Chow Chow ($3,000 – $8,500)

Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a sturdy and powerful breed, known for its hairy, lion-like appearance. The most unique aspect of this dog is its tongue. It is black or blue in colour. This is actually an Arctic breed that was used as a working dog in the earlier times. Presently, they are kept as pets and are displayed in dog shows. This is one of the most ancient dog breeds, dating back to around 300 BC. They originated from China, but now they are available in other countries as well.

4. Lowchen ($5,000 – $8,000)


The word ‘Lowchen’ means ‘little lion’ in German. This dog is small in size and possesses mane, resembling that of a lion. They are known for their agility. People often experiment with its lovely hair, trimming it close to the skin in the body but leaving the fury areas near the paws. Well, this is one of the rarest dogs in the world and new registration numbers of this breed appear just in the hundreds every year.

5. Rottweiler ($2,000 – $8,000)


If you fancy having a multitalented dog, this one should be your ideal choice. They are robust in nature and large in size. They possess relatively more intelligence than other breeds and are used as police dogs. They are excellent companions and are often used as therapy dogs. They are devoted to the masters and are known to be placid. However, they may turn out to be excessively aggressive to strangers and other animals. In order to mould their nature, you need to socialize them from a tender age.

6. Tibetan Mastiff ($2,200 – $7,000)

Dog lovers with a fascination for fury dogs often opt for this breed. They have a tender face, full of expression and remain aloof most of the time. However, they are obedient in nature and are suitable to be kept as good pets. These dogs originated in Central Asia, in countries like China, Tibet and Nepal. In most parts of the world, they are used for guarding the flocks. Therefore, they are more active at night and rests during the daytime.

7. Akita ($1,500 to $4,500)


Akita is known to be one of the most popular show dogs. They are also used as therapy dogs in many countries. Initially, they were found in japan, but today it is found in different countries of the world. If you want a dog of strong dignity and personality, this is the ideal breed to choose. They are powerfully built, and come with beautiful patches of brown and white. They are also popular for their plush tails and thick coats.

8. Pharaoh Hound ($2,500 – $6,500)

Pharaoh Hound

This is the national dog of Malta. Good looking and strong, it has a sturdy body with a reddish-brown coat. They are adept at jumping and very agile. Due to the presence of a little fat on their body, they look sleek and beautiful. They are intelligent, but at times, they may be stubborn as well. According to the myths, they are originally from Egypt. However, they have no connection to the country in reality. They are independent in nature and their nose and ears turn red when they are excited.

9. Saluki ($2000 – $2,500)


If you want to choose a dog, according to its grace, this one might be the one of your choice. They are hairy and thin. However, when you asses their agility, they are one of the best dog breeds in the world. They are powerful with a good deal of endurance. They are good hunters as well. They are often used as a show dog and have feathery hair on the legs. These dogs appear in shades of white, brown or other bright colours.

Irish Wolfhound ($1,500 – $2,000)

Irish Wolfhound

This is one of the tallest dogs that you can choose. They have a commanding appearance and charm their owners by their majestic looks. There are athletic in nature and are good runners. This particular breed has a lot of endurance and do not tire off easily. In ordinary times, they are gentle with people, but can turn fierce when they are provoked. This is one of the most purchased dog breeds in the world.

In case you are willing to buy an expensive dog, you may choose the right one based on their behaviour, looks, agility or a combination of all these three parameters. Well-groomed dogs are one of the most reliable companions of man. Well, you need to shell out good amounts to be the proud owners of these dog breeds.



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