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Top 10 Greenest Cities in the World

Environmental problems like global warming are tightening the noose since the last few decades. Under these circumstances, is necessary for all the countries to go green. A number of countries have come forward to show the world a safer and cleaner way to live. Clean energy, recycling of materials and banning harmful materials like plastic are just a few of the remedies. Well, here are ten countries who lead from the front in going green.

1. Copenhagen (Denmark)


If you are fond of cycling, this is the ideal city for you. Denmark is one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world and has miles of roads exclusively for cycles. As much as 50% of the citizens in this city opt for cycles, rather than cars. It is the most common means of transportation, rapidly cutting down the rate of carbon emission. The city has more than hundred centres for hiring bikes and provides the bike-share scheme to the people. Recycling and composting are also common here.

2. Amsterdam (Netherlands)


In Amsterdam too, cycling is the most common mode of transportation and has been in the trend for decades. Apart from a well-organized network of pedestrian and bicycle streets, you will find over 300 recharging stations in the city. The city encourages the use or solar energy, electric cars, recycling wastes and so on. Most of the homes have alternatives to electrical energy and small-scale wind energy resources are also utilized in the city.

3. Vancouver (Canada)


This city is situated in a strategic location that enables it to go green. It uses renewable energy and hydropower, cutting down emission levels to a negligible percentage. The city has as many as 200 parks, where greenery gets a boost and people are able to hang around in these areas and enjoy the fresh air. The city is densely populated, but the efforts made by the Government to reduce pollution have paid off well. Thus, it is the cleanest city in Canada.

4. Stockholm (Sweden)


This is one of the cleanest cities in the world. The inhabitants are dedicated to keep the city clean and green. As much as one-third of the total city is covered by greenery. Apart from this, it has 12 parks. The Government here supports the citizens to incorporate greenery in their land. The city also specializes in recycling of waste and biogas production. With the vision to make the city independent of fossil fuel by 2050, the green drive in the city goes strong today.

5. Curitiba (Brazil)


The urban planning in this city is designed to support greenery. It has twelve acres of greenery per thousand people. In total, the city has as much as 400 square kilometres of green space. The strict legal norms in the country are effective in preserving the greenery. People are not permitted to live in spaces dedicated to green areas. Along with these, they encourage the usage of cycles and, limiting private vehicles.

6. Reykjavik (Iceland)


The world’s largest geothermal heating system is located in the capital of Iceland. The people here depend primarily on hydrothermal energy, as there are a number of active volcanoes here. The citizens yield the entire electrical requirements from hydro-geothermal energy sources. Due to the cold climate here, people need warm water, which is available through the geothermal heating system. In a nutshell, the city runs entirely on renewable energy.

7. Bristol (England)


Bristol is not only the greenest city of the UK, but of entire Europe. The Government has put in a lot of effort to retain the green cover in the city. It has a lot of parks, gardens and nature reserves. The people conserve rainwater and reduce pollution by recycling goods. It also has wind farms, that enable it to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Cell-powered buses are also being extensively used in the city to cut down the carbon percentage in the air.

8. San Francisco (The USA)

San Francisco

Recycling is the key driving force behind the greenery of this city. The aim of the Government is to make the city free from all sorts of wastes by 2020. A number of community benefit programmes like sharing of rides, electrical transportation, cycling and vanpool have been undertaken. Measures have also been taken to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Wind power, solar power and hydro-Geo thermal power are being extensively used in the city. The city had banned plastics in 2007.

9. Helsinki (Finland)


Finland’s capital, Helsinki, is one of the greenest cities of Europe. It has a lot of the natural surroundings and the people are dedicated to keep their city free from pollution. Recycling is a key area of reducing the wastes. The citizens either walk to their office or use cycles. The city has been working on green strategies since the 1950’s and adopted the Sustainability Action Plan in 1992. No wonder, it is one of the front-runners among greenest cities of the world.

10. Oslo (Norway)


The capital of Norway makes into the top ten list, thanks to the aggressive policy of the Government to preserve greenery. The city covers a total of 454 square kilometres, out of which 242 square kilometres are covered by greenery. Only one-third of the city is open to people, two-thirds being protected areas. There are 343 lakes and a number of parks in the city. Recycling, usage green energy and the overall commitment of the people to cut down carbon content in the air are the strategies behind its success.

In order to make the world habitable in the years to come, it is everyone’s duty to refine the environment. The cities mentioned above have shown the way, it is time for the others to follow the suit. A unified effort from all the countries will make the world a better place to live in.



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