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Guess Who Is In The 8th Position Of Forbes List ?

Guess Who Is In The 8th Position Of Forbes List ?

Right now, if anyone wants to see the new movies then am sure it’s either akshay Kumar’s or Salman Khan’s movie. Yes. These are the current leading stars of the Bollywood.

Last time, we updated you about the most richest star of Bollywood who is none other than the Khiladi of Bollywood. Akshay kumar. Yes, Akshay beats all the khans of our Bollywood and is ruling the richest actor chair. However, most of Akshay’s films are not even in the list of 200 crore group. But still he is the richest. While Salman’s every movie is above 200 crore. Any guesses how ?

It’s because Akshay did the max number of the films this year. Or should I correct myself? Oh yes. Every year. And of course all of his movies are the super hit of our country. Isn’t it?

Guess Who Is In The 8th Position Of Forbes List ?

But wait. I have something else to tell you. Yes, do you know about the highest paid actress of Bollywood who is in the list of Forbes and that is none other than Deepika Padukone. After being the highest paid actress of Bollywood, Deepika nailed it again.

She is now the 10th highest paid actress of world in the list of Forbes. Can you guess how? Because of her super hit films where she takes a percentage of the profit too and of course the advertisements. She is also the brand ambassador of many big brands. Deepika defeated Priyanka Chopra and the big stats like Angelina Jolie too. At this achievement, she says

“It is a matter of great pride for me to be associated with Vistara, a brand that is reliable, warm and friendly; a brand that carries the lineage of Tata and Singapore Airlines. Vistara actually makes me look forward to flying again, like I did when I was a child and every flight was a wonder,”

Guess Who Is In The 8th Position Of Forbes List ?

And now it’s time to reveal the highest paid actor from India who occupies the 8th position. Well that’s none other than the Shahrukh Khan. The king of Bollywood.

Once again he proved that his charm has not yet faded. He is the king and is ruling it. However his movies hasn’t done well in past years. Shahrukh is the brand ambassador of many brands and even has so many advertisement in his hand from I think every field.

While deepika is the only Indian star female to be in the list of Forbes, Srk is not the only one. He is not alone here. Srk is in the 8th position and Akshay Kumar is in the 10th while Salman Khan is stuck in 14th place.

Guess Who Is In The 8th Position Of Forbes List ?Amitabh Bachhan is in the 18th position. But undoubtedly we can say that The king is the king. The self made star is ruling it. Whether you love him or hate him, you definitely can’t ignore him.

The top Bollywood actor who is even the favourite actor of other country’s people too. All we can say is good luck Srk. We all love you.