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Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers

Wrestling is one of the most popular sports in the world, which involves the display of strength and skills. WWE has been one of the most watched sports events across the globe and the wrestlers enjoy a lot of fan-following. If you are interested in the WWE, you would be keen to know how much money your favourite stars make. The company is privately owned, yet publicly traded and a number of eminent wrestlers in the world are involved with it. Well, it is time to know the names of the top ten highest paid WWE wrestlers.

1. Rock – The 125 million dollar wrestler

The 44-year wrestler is in the arena of fame for a long time and now he can be dubbed as a semi-retired wrestler. He started his career back in 1996 and apart from being a wrestler, he is also an actor. He has won as many as 17 championships and is the sixth Triple Crown Champion in WWE. He has also been a part of the super hit movie, including ‘Fast and Furious’, ‘Hercules’ and ‘The Scorpion King’. All these combine to make him the richest wrestler in the world.

2. John Cena The 9.5 million dollar wrestler

John Cena

He is a rapper and professional wrestler, ranking second in the list. John Cena signed in the contract with WWE in 2001 and his debut took place in 2002. Till date, he has won 2 Royal Rumble titles, 24 championships. Besides, he has a good record as a musician and re-released the album called. ‘You Can’t See Me’. It ranked at number 15 at the US billboard at the time of the debut. He is an eminent actor as well, and appeared in a number of movies like ‘Trainwreck’, ‘Legendary’ and ‘Sisters’. He is a multitalented personality and enjoys the second spot.

3. Randy Orton – The 2.7 million dollar wrestler

Ranty Orton

He is a part of WWE since 2001 and has won as many as 12 world championships over the years. Besides, he also won four heavyweight championships. His fame lies in the fact that he became the youngest wrestler in the world to win two championships in WWE by the age of 27. However, injuries kept him out of the ring for a long time and people have a lot of expectations from him. In 2015 he was down with a shoulder injury and now ranks fourth in the list.

4. Triple H – The 2.5 million dollar wrestler

Triple H

Triple H is also a semi-retired wrestler, who has been a part of WWE since 1995. He won the first championship back in 1999. Currently, he is the CEO of WWE and has won as many as 14 championships throughout his career. His last win came in 2016, when he participated in WrestleMania. He is an excellent performer in the ring and presently enjoys the third spot among the highest paid WWE wrestlers in the world.

5. Seth Rollins – The 2.4 million dollar wrestler

Seth Rollins

Although he joined WWE quite late, just in 2010, he made quick fame and money with his talents. He is known to be the sexiest male wrestler in the WWE and is known by the name Rollins. He has won a single heavyweight championship till date, besides being the Superstar in 2015. He has a lot of wresting skills and has been dubbed by many veteran wrestlers as one of the most talented professional to work with. Presently he occupies the fifth spot on the list.

6. Roman Reigns The 2.1 million dollar wrestler

Roman Regins 

He was originally a professional footballer but later he switched careers to become one of the most talented and highest paid wrestlers in the world. He hails from Canada and joined WWE in 2010. He was quick to make enough name along with Seth Rollins. He was also a part of ‘The Shield’. Till date, he has won three heavyweight championships and won the Royal Rumble in 2015. He also created record with 14 eliminations back in 2014. Fans have a lot of expectations from the skilled wrestler.

7. The Undertaker – The 2 million dollar wrestler

The Undertaker

You can consider him as a veteran wrestler, who started his career back in 1984. Presently is 51 years old and had signed up with WWE in the 90’s. He holds the record of maximum straight victories in WWE, with 21 in a row. He was also a part of WrestleMania 13, 14 and 15. In 2007, he won the Royal Rumble. He was the first wrestler who survived till the end and won the event. He is one of the greatest sports personalities of the world and in spite of age-related issues, occupies a place in the list.

8. Big Show The 1.5 million dollar wrestler

Big Show

He is one of the most famous WWE personalities. He made his mark in the heavyweight championship after his debut in 1999. With as many as 7 wins in the heavyweight category, he has a great fanfare. He also has a remarkable performance in tag Team Championships, with 11 wins in the event. Apart from these, he was the winner of the 24th Triple Crown and happens to be the 13th Grand Slam Winner. Big Show also appeared in a few movies, including ‘Royal Pains’ and ‘Star Trek’.

9. Kane The 1.3 million dollar wrestler


He is one of the oldest WWE wrestlers and hails from the USA. He signed up with WWE in 1992 and has an impressive career in the sport. He has as many as 18 wins across all the formats of the championship and has been in the arena of wrestling for more than two decades. Presently he ranks ninth in the list and is one of the most talented wrestlers in the world.

10. Dean Ambrose The 1.1 million dollar wrestler

Dean Ambrose

This American Wrester debuted in 2004 as a professional and signed up with WWE in 2011. His first match was against Seth Rollins and it ended in a draw. In 2012, he joined him in the Survivors Series. Roman Reigns was also a part of the group and it was known as ‘The Shield’. He won many fights as the group proved to be good. In 2016, ‘The Shield’ broke up and he began performing individually. Over the years, he has evolved as a talented wrestler and fans have a lot of expectation from him in the years to come.

With this, we sum up the list of highest paid wrestlers. While a few veterans continue to perform well in the sports, new faces are welcome. Hopefully you have spotted your favourite WWE star in the list.



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