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Hindi Diwas 2015 – Celebrating The Indianness In Language

It’s remarkable how the moment you hear the word ‘INDIA’ you immediately think the Taj Mahal or camels canvassing the sandy dunes of Rajasthan. And, there is a beauty in that, no doubt. But a deeper beauty lies within the country. And it balances itself ever so delicately on the tongues of the people as it rolls off to form connections and build bridges with others. That beauty so happens to be a language. Hindi to be precise; the language of a multitude. And, Hindi Diwas celebrated on 14 September is an occasion to promote the language and to showcase its beauty for the world to admire and imbibe.

Hindi Diwas

Celebrating The Indian Tongue

The Indian tongue is a beautiful yet complex mechanism. Taking into consideration how Hindi, the national language, is not as easy to commit to memory as you would think. Despite it being the 2nd most commonly spoken language in the world.

A literal conversion of the Hindi language into English, word from word, would prove how magnificent and unorthodox it is. If you literally convert the phrase ‘tum kaise ho?’, which means how are you, to English word from word? You would get “You doing how”. See? Unorthodox.

Yet pride is instilled in the hearts of the many as they celebrate the existence of the language itself. Through anthems, speeches, literature, Hindi has provided that verbal backbone that India so deserves.