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How To keep Your Feet Clean This Monsoon

After the first rain kisses the earth and bring down the temperature, offering respite from the searing summer heat, we slowly start grudging it. After all, rains also are synonymous with yucky muck and germs. You think twice before stepping outside and try looking for any excuse you can find to stay in where it’s comfortable, warm and clean. You’re going to have to go out sometime because summer doesn’t last forever and neither do holidays or weekends. Not going to lie – your feet will get wet in the rain and stepping in puddles can’t always be avoided. But you can make sure your feet stay clean and infection free this monsoon with a few helpful tips.

1. Trim Those Toenails


Cutting your toenails regularly is important, especially during the monsoons. We usually tend to ignore our feet and not notice the dirt that accumulates under our toenails. Trimming them regularly can help avoid dirt, grime and rainwater from accumulating under your nails. If you don’t cut your toenails, especially during the monsoons, you are likely to suffer from infections.