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How WhatsApp Has Changed Our Living

If technology’s impact on human life and modes of communication needs to be watched, what can be a better example than WhatsApp? Yes, the other forms of online communication still exist, including VoIP and email, but the popularity and growth of this service has left everything behind. It has been a little more than 6 years since WhatsApp came into being. Since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon and user base is only going up with time. Once you start using it, it is difficult to stay without the service- it is simply addictive!

9 Ways WhatsApp Has Changed Our Life in an Unprecedented Ways:

1. No More Work Emails

group work message

With WhatsApp installed on millions of smartphones, it is no longer necessary to send work emails for a meeting or upcoming program at workplaces. Simply, you need to share the message at group chat and everyone in the group gets it delivered instantly. It is way faster and better way to ensure faster communication.