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Luxury Cars Collection of Famous Indian Billionaires

We all get fascinated by the lifestyles of billionaires, especially in a country like India, where they are a supposedly rare breed! Their swanky cars, often noticed at social gatherings, have always been the centre of attraction. Their collection of such gorgeous-looking toys makes us wonder what would it be like to own the best of the lot with all kinds of features to vouch for. Men are known to drool over 4 wheelers and the more elite the league, the more exciting it gets. The market for such luxury automakers never seems to face crisis as more and more billionaires with posh interests and ways of life are coming into the circuit, making their presence felt in almost every sector. Such billionaires continue to hog the limelight during their entry and exit, thanks to a fleet of unique luxury cars that can only be dreamt of by the common man. With more number of billionaires arising, the automakers hope to make these luxury cars a more common sight. But as of now, they are under a very special category, reserved only for the super-rich. In this article, we focus on such envious fleet of luxury cars collection of renowned Indian billionaires who have been frequently ranked among the richest in the world:

1. Mukesh Ambani – Czar of The Corporate World

Mukesh Ambani

Known from his dominance in oil to retail, this billionaire has an expensive taste and is famous for his elite set of luxury cars along with his private yachts and jets. Often seen travelling around in his flamboyant Mercedes-Benz S Class, it is his Maybach 62 that costs nearly Rs 5.10 Crores that truly is the best among the 168 number of vehicles he owns. His Villa has 6 floors dedicated to parking these luxurious toys.