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Modi, Sharif Back Door Diplomacy In Kashmir Is Not Sufficient

India and Pakistan have always been neighbours that just can’t find any common ground on which to get along. There is always some issue or the other on which they end up at loggerheads. Complex would perhaps be too slight a term to describe the relationship between these two neighbouring countries.

The things that have driven the countries into bad relations are the number of violent historical and political events that have marred their past. But why can’t the two nations extend an olive branch and form cordial relations now is a question that constantly arises in the minds of citizens on both sides of the border. Here are a few facts that will tell you why backdoor diplomacy may not prove to be successful.

1. Why Relations Continue To Be At Their Lowest Point


Soon after the independence of the two sovereign nations, diplomatic relations were established. However, the violent partition and numerous territorial claims were what would constantly come to mar that relationship. And, then there are incidences of Pakistan supporting, training and arming fundamentalists to sneak into India and attack ordinary people. Ajmal Kasab and Mohammed Naved are the two Pakistan nationals who were caught on Indian soil during attacks on the citizens.