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Nag Panchami – Information and Significance

Since the beginning of mankind’s understanding of culture came about, The Sun, The Snake and the Stars have all been crucial to beliefs and faith. And this has spread to all forms of culture and religious foundations all over the world.

nag panchami

Hinduism is one such that despite its division is bound together with the goal of searching for the truth. It has originated as what would seem a simple relationship between spirit and nature through complex unearthly forces and this bond has carried to be a way of life. So this extraordinary relationship that we speak of, has been beautifully showcased and celebrated through these years through a festival known as Nag Panchami

Nag (snake) Panchami (fifth) is celebrated on the fifth day of the moonlit – fortnight in the month of Sharavan (July/ August). This is done so at this particular time it is believed that the snakes come out of their water clogged holes in search of shelter from the rain. And they usually find that comfort somewhere between your front door and your dressing room cupboards. Hence man kneels down before the snake as a sign of acceptance that the other is the dominant spiritual being and through the stories told about these magnificent creatures, it would be wise to do so.