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Now You Need To Pay More If You Want To Shop Through Flipkart

 Flipkart is among the best e commerce websites of India. We are all familiar from the fact that flipkart has been surrounded by the controversies many times. But still the best online running business it is. Isn’t it? You can buy almost everything from it whether it is clothes, accessories, furniture, electronics or mobile phones. You can buy everything. And not only this much but it gives you many offers like big billion days and other sale.


But the news is that now maybe you will rather prefer to switch on some other sites like Amazon , paytm and snapdeal. Wanna know why ? Here’s the reason..

The price of flipkart’s product will be 15-20% costlier as compare to other sites. And this is due to the online dharna by eseller suraksha. It is the forum for those merchant who sell their stuff online. And this protest is done to revise the return charges and fee structure of flipkart. In fact, recently the company also changed the return period for electronics to 10 days from 30 days.

Also, the commission part received some increment. The commission which the seller gives to the site is now 40% more than the previous one. The company says that when it comes to return the thing you purchased from flipkart, the customer needs to pay the shipping charges.

Now in one hand, flipkart, the e-commerce website which was facing the loss will gain a good margin of profit. On the other hand, the sellers will be in loss. Either they will leave flipkart or will bear some loss.

After all this, will you continue shopping from flipkart or switch to some other site? Please do share your views. We will highly appreciate your thoughts over the same.