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Places To Go In Delhi On Your First Date

We know you are excited. After all, it is your first date. So, nothing but the best will do, be it your attire, your hairstyle, your aftershave or the place you choose to take your date to. Remember, if you want to make sure the date agrees to a second, third or even a fourth date, select the place for your date with care.

Delhi is littered with romantic places that are just right for dates. But first dates are special. You cannot frighten your date by being overly romantic. You would come across as a pervert! But there are some wonderful places in Delhi that are apt for first dates and allow you to get to know the person better.

1. Chill That Passion With Ice Cream At India Gate

ce Cream At India Gate

No, this is not just for kids. It also is a great place to spend your first date. You will come across as a fun-loving person. It also shows you care about your date’s security because it is quite strict in the area. And, India Gate is stunning after sunset.