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Read..Why An MBA Girl Turned Into A Street Food Seller

Read..Why An MBA Girl Turned Into A Street Food Seller

After MBA everyone dreams for a job in a well-known company, a good salary package, and a settled life. People want a comfortable lifestyle where they can earn well while sitting at the office. Well, its common in all the MBAs to dream such things. But some people are also there who think out of the box. They dream differently than others do. They take a different path, which can be a difficult one. And mostly it is difficult. They dare to do things which make them stand out in the crowd.

Here is such girl RADHIKA, she completed her and did MBA. She belongs to Ambala. She completed her MBA in Chandigarh and after MBA she got a job in reliance. During her studies, she was living in PG, where she was having a lot of trouble in finding food.
There is an old saying that your own experiences teach you better and learning from them will take you to the path of success. That’s what happened with RADHIKA, she learned from her own experiences and got an idea of her new business.

Read..Why An MBA Girl Turned Into A Street Food Seller
She left her job of reliance company and started a food stall. In her food stall, she sells food like rajma-chawal, kadhi-chawal, daal-chawal etc. Her idea behind this stall is to provide food to people who miss homemade food, specially food prepared by their own mother. That’s why she named her stall “ Maa ka Pyaar”. She is making efforts to provide taste which you get in your mother’s food.

As she was from Ambala, in Chandigarh she spent a lot to get the food of her choice. She faced a lot of difficulties in getting food, as sometimes food was half uncooked and sometimes not of good taste. This encouraged her to start this new business on her own.
She wants to give food to such people who come to work or study leaving their hometown.
She is running her food stall at Mohali’s industrial area, phase 8 from 1 pm to 3 pm.

She is also planning to own one more food stall to provide food services at IT park, Chandigarh. The great thing about her is that she designed her stall at her own.

The decision to quit hr department of reliance and start selling food at the street was not that easy for her. It was difficult for her to make her family understand her point of view and convince them to support in her decision.

She invested her own earned money from her old job in her new business. Right now she is preparing 70 plates cooked food daily. The success of this business is encouraging her to start her own hotel.