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5 Top Most Rude Male Actors of Bollywood

In a film-crazy country like India, around 800 films are released annually. From fame to fanfare, the actors are shrouded by admiration from the fan. Well, things become different when they turn rude to the fans. Till date, a number of B-celebs have landed up in the midst of a controversy for misbehaving with the fans. It is out of love that the entertainment lovers approach the film-stars. However, the latter ends up damaging their repute when they treat their fans with disdain. Here are five Bollywood actors who were rude to the fans.

1. Bobby Deol


Bobby Deol was one of the actors who landed up in controversy for being rude. It was back in 2009 that he turned up at a food joint in a heavily drunken state, throwing up a tantrum. A staff narrates that it was around 11:30 in the morning when he was cleaning the lobby. He heard a knock at the main door and came out. He found Bobby Deol in a drunken state. There was a bar above the store, and the staff guessed that he had come down from there. Bobby asked for something to eat, but the staff informed that the store was closed. However, Bobby insisted him to provide him something to eat and was informed that it was closed and he was cleaning the store. The watchman heard the brawl and came forward to help the staff. He too informed Bobby that the store was closed. Then they managed to push him back and closed the door. He was so enraged that he threw the shoes at the door. Ultimately, one of his friends came forward to help him, and he was taken to the parking lot.

2. Salman Khan

Salman Khan had once snatched a fan, who was trying to take a photograph on his mobile. It happened in 2013 when the star was seated in his car. The fan was among the onlookers, who were keen on taking photos. The window was initially rolled up, which he eventually rolled down and snatched the mobile. He threw it on the ground. However, the fan, Raza, was lucky that it was not broken. Later he informed that he was really hurt as he just wanted to take a photo of his icon. He added that it would be a big loss for him had the phone been broken. For Salman Khan, the price was not a factor, but it was something that mattered for the fan.

3. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

It is often said that Akshay Kumar is blessed enough to have a massive fanfare. However, he was once accused of abusing a fan. The problem was with the protection provided to him by the bodyguards. A number of fans have termed it to be ‘overprotective.’ They habitually misbehave with the people who try to come close to the star. This particular incident occurred when one of his bodyguards, Shreysay Thele, abused a devout fan, who tried to have a better view of the star. He was a dentist by profession, who admired him a lot. However, the behavior of the guard annoyed and humiliated him so much that he lodged a police complaint against the bodyguard. Apart from this, Akshay had also slapped a fan when the shooting of Gabbar was taking place. According to him, the fan had crossed the line of shooting.

4. Rishi Kapoor

The factor of temperament also landed Rishi Kapoor in the midst of controversy. In reality, he is known for his fiery temper. The hot-blooded man once insulted a sixty-year-old fan who asked for an autograph. Prior to the incident, Rishi Kapoor was in a good mood during the iftaar party of Ekta Kapoor. Meanwhile, when he went to the washroom, the man in 60’s followed him and waited outside the door. He waited for a long time, gathering his courage to ask for an autograph. Well, Rishi Kapoor lost his cool and shooed the man away, besides using abusive language on him. Obviously, the fan was down with disappointment. Later, the actor spoke in his defense, stating that he felt irritated as the man approached him inside the bathroom.

5. Govinda


You must have heard of this incident involving Govinda slapping a fan. It was in 2008 when the shooting of the film Money Hai Toh Honey Hai was taking place. There was some sort of disagreement, or the actor was angry with the person. He went on to slap the man, abusing him in anger. The victim was Santosh Rai, who filed a case against Govinda at the Bombay High Court, in 2009. After a span of four years, the case was quashed in 2013. He did not give up, taking the case to the Supreme Court in 2014. The verdict came out in favor of Rai. The court directed the actor to apologize to him. The lawyer of the actor offered a sum of Rs. 5 lakh to the man as compensation and asked for an unconditional apology.

These were the five popular actors who, sometime in their career or the other, brought themselves into disrepute for being ‘rude’ to the fans. One thing they do not realize is the love and admiration out of which the fans try to come close to them. A little politeness can work wonders, preserving their goodwill and fanfare.



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