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September 8 Is International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

Look around. You see the world. You admire the beauty that it encompasses and then realize that this beauty has more to do with the people that make up their existence on this tiny planet, three rocks away from the sun. It almost seems perfect. But it is not.

This world is a progressive organism and it relies on us humans to fuel its journey forth. And we have done so successfully with all our technological and culture advancement. Yet, in this race within ourselves to be the best we have left a multitude behind. Shrouded by a myriad of problems and the one that is at the root of most evils that exist in today’s world, which with the help of an empathetic few, that maybe you or any other, can be finally rid of: illiteracy.

On September 8th, the world will stand up and vows to empower all with literacy, and before you yourself decide whether you too would fight for this cause, learn more about why the need is so important.