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The Festive Month – August

The lovely month of August is one of the most beautiful months in India. It is filled with love, romance, fun, patriotism and excitement. With monsoon season already mid-way, August oozes of everything Indian. It is the month when popular festivals get underway, and locals and visitors have a lot to cheer and enjoy.

These Are Some of The Festive Wonders You Can Enjoy Across India During The Month of August.

1. Raksha Bandhan – Celebrating The Pure Love of Brother And Sister

raksha bandhan

The festive month of August comes to an end with Raksha Bandhan where the sister ties decorative thread on the wrist of her brother. This thread is known as Rakhi and symbolises the love brothers and sisters share and a brother’s duty to protect his sister against all odds.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated across India; and even women, who are not blessed with biological brothers, end up tying the band of sibling love and protection to close friends and neighbours. And, in many cases, Raksha Bandhan transcends religion, caste and creed, making it an August festival of social harmony and omnipresent love.