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The World’s 10 Strongest Militaries

General MacArthur of World War II fame once asserted that whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons! Indeed, only a 5-star General from the country having the biggest conventional military advantage could have said that knowing the relevance of a tough military presence. With constant technological and strategic advancement in the state of warfare and the dreaded nuclear factor around, countries constantly try and enhance their military might in the face of an uncertain world mired in geopolitical impasse. With so many blocs trying to affirm their presence in an increasingly multilateral world, it would be an exciting venture to create a holistic list of the world’s 10 strongest militaries, based on an analysis of economic strength, population, military budget and technological prowess. Here is the comprehensive list with latest military statistics:

1. United States of America – The Indisputable Super-Power

United States of America Army

With a military budget of $689,591,000,000 and an estimated 7500 nuclear bombs, clearly the U.S. can claim to be at the top. The country has 14,30,000 active soldiers and an additional 8,50,000 reserve soldiers in its ranks. If it were not enough, they have 10 aircraft carriers, a number that may not be obtained even by adding up the arsenal of the next top 9 countries!