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These Tweets Of Bharat Band Is The Real Fun And We Can’t Ignore Them

Bharat band. Define the term Bharat Band. How will you define ? What’s your definition of the term Bharat Band? For school people, it’s nothing but a day to celebrate and a leave which they gets without any reason. For office people, a day which isn’t less than the independence day. But what if they have to come to the office even in Bharat band ? Lol. Whereas for business people, really tough day to spend. As business people can’t bear a loss of even a single day.

 So what is your Bharat band definition? Here are some tweets by some celebrities and common people who tried their best to explain the term Bharat Band. Just have a look at them.

Saw these hilarious yet somewhere really admirable posts ? Well for the people who doesn’t know about, let me explain

It’s a day where you can’t go to a market as the shops will be closed. However, some rarely shops will be open no matter how hard the condition is. A day when you can’t do a transfer or any transaction of bank, any work related to government and in fact, you won’t be getting a vehicle to travel.

In short, a really tough day to spend. It’s usually happens when the workers make a unite decision and go on the strike. You wouldn’t be shocked to know the reason of the strike. Of course.

But what do you people think? Is it right to go on a strike and announce a day as Bharat Band ? As in this day, many people suffers a big loss in their businesses which actually affects them. But needless to say, it’s India and things like this is quite common here. You may see this in future time also.

But I must say the tweets are hilarious. Isn’t it? How do you feel about them? Please do share your views over it. We will be delighted to see your valuable comments. Thank you.