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This Indian athlete refused to upgrade his medal. And the reason will shock you.

What is a real sportsman spirit? Suppose am giving you a situation. You are in a mid of a race with your competitor and suddenly he falls down. Now what will you do? Will you go and complete your race and treat this as an advantage and win the race or will you go to help the needy? You have two options. One can make you the champion of the race for a while and other one can make you the champ of your life.

Well most of the people will go for the first option. Which is to go and complete the race without caring about the competitor. After all, he is your rival. Why would you save him? But only few will dare to help that person and sacrifice their medal. You must be thinking why am talking about all these things suddenly? Well because this is what we are going to discuss today. .

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This is what Yogeshwar Dutt did. Yes, the freestyle wrestler who won the bronze medal in London olympics 2012 was about to get his medal upgraded to the silver one since the Russian wrestler Besik Kudukhov who won the silver medal in 60kg freestyle division had been tested positive for doping…

However the champion is no more in the world. Yes Besik Kudukhov met with a car crash and passed away in 2013. The fact that he was tested positive for doping revealed after his death.

Yogeshwar was being offered to get his medal upgraded because of that but since he thinks that humanity is way more above than all these things, he refused to take up his medal and tweeted

Besik Kudukhov शानदार पहलवान थे। उनका मृत्यु के पश्चात dope test में fail हो जाना दुखद हैं। मैं खिलाड़ी के रूप में उनका सम्मान करता हूँ।

He also said

अगर हो सके तो ये मेडल उन्ही के पास रहने दिया जाए। उनके परिवार के लिए भी सम्मानपूर्ण होगा। मेरे लिए मानवीय संवेदना सर्वोपरि है।

And after his tweet, he came to know that he already got the silver medal even after resisting for it.

However, this upgradation of bronze to silver will be confirmed only when United World Wrestling gives it in writing to Wrestling Federation of India.

But saying no for something which can make you at the peak is really tough man. But still he did it. Cheers to you.

all power to you Yogeshwar

You won many hearts.