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This Selfie Costs Rs 8,000,00 To This Woman. Want To Know How? Check This.

Selfie ka Zamana hai. We often hear this phrase from people. Isn’t it? And I think it’s true.

Nowadays, people take selfie everywhere. And literally everywhere. Our social media are actually over flooded with selfies with smiling faces, weird faces, pouted faces and lot more. People of every age takes part in it with full of energy and excitement. People are liking selfies more than any other picture. Whether it is about a guy or girl, everyone likes selfie. I think there is no one left in this planet who haven’t clicked a selfie yet. We even hear many cases too. We hear that a man got killed by a selfie, a family clicked selfie at the most dangerous place and it actually killed them. But have you ever hear about a selfie which costs rs 8 lakhs ?

This Selfie Costs Rs 8,000,00 To This Woman. Want To Know How? Check This.Representational Image

Yes 8,000,00. This woman clicked a selfie and it costs rs 8 lakhs and 15 thousand. Now you must be curious to know how now? Right? Let’s come and read here.

Meet this lady. She is just like other girls. Neelam Sharma. A lady from Chandigarh. She lives in a joint family and was excited and busy in her sister’s wedding. She got ready and dressed up like a girl should be in her family’s wedding.

And yes how to forget, she even clicked some no not actually some. Many selfies with her family, guests and with herself of course. But while clicking the selfies, she didn’t notice that a bag containing 300 grams gold was slipped from her hand and the main thing is that she didn’t even notice it.

She was so lost in clicking selfies that she realized it later after an hour that she has lost her bag which contains 300 gram gold costs rs eight lakh and fifteen thousand.

The incident took place at mohini resort in Chandigarh. By god’s grace, the resort was fully secured and covered with CCTV cameras everywhere. And with the help of it, they managed to find the bag that day itself.

But you will be shocked to see the thief of the bag. It is an innocent child aging 12 years. Yes, he was the robber of this robbery. The cops somehow arrested the child then. And they got their bag containing 300 gram gold.

Somehow, they managed to save their 8 lakh and 15 thousand this time which could have been robbed by a child. And that is just because of a carelessness of a lady who was so busy in clicking selfies.

So this is how this selfie costs rs 8,000,00 and 15,000 to this woman. And now I don’t think she will ever dare to do so again.

Crazy. Isn’t it? Just because of your carelessness, you can lose many precious things and sometime your life also. So people please take care always. No selfie is more important than your lives. Hum hai to kal hai. Don’t be too mad. Understand that your life is one and you just can’t lose it just because of a damn selfie.  We often here these news and it’s actually became a part of our daily routine. But please next time be alert and don’t do something like this girl. Be attentive. Be safe.