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Top 10 Best Directors Working in Bollywood Today

Bollywood churns out a huge number of films every year. Some of them sink without a trace while others create box office history and win numerous awards. In the last two decades, Bollywood has got some maverick filmmakers who have taken Indian cinema to new heights. These directors have made films that have created box office records and won critical acclaims from all quarters.

Top 10 Directors of Bollywood Who Have Reached The Zenith of Success:

1. Ashutosh Gowariker – The Period Drama Specialist

Ashutosh Gowariker

Ashutosh Gowariker started his career in showbiz as an actor, but hardly anyone remembers his stint in Ketan Mehta’s Holi, a movie that also marked the acting debut of Aamir Khan! After working in a few movies, he turned into direction. The first few films like Baazi and Pehla Nasha did not cut much ice but with Lagaan (2001) he hit the bull’s eye. The Aamir Khan starrer was a massive hit and it was followed by Swadesh. Since then there was no looking back for him.