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Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of the World

With the advent of organized governing systems, the nations have been moving towards a world in which the governing bodies take care of those governed. As the awareness and literacy of humans increase, they realize the power they hold over the governing bodiesTo quote the chairman of the global transparency list “Corruption can be beaten if we work together. To stamp out the abuse of power, bribery and shed light on secret deals, citizens must together, tell their governments they have had enough.”

Even at the dawn of the 21st century, there are a few countries which still lack the solidarity and stability of uncorrupt governance. We bring to you the ten most corrupt nations, according to the Global Transparency list of 2015 along with a little insight into their situation.

1. Somalia


  • Corruption score: 8
  • Power structure: Non-existent
    The World Bank has assessed this nation to have a school enrollment rate of 29% and a life expectancy age of a mere 55 years. The government is extremely irresponsible and has been taken over by a number of clans and warlords which are constantly at war. Not much is known about the true nature of Somalia’s governance as it is kept hidden by the corrupt officials.