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Top 4 Engineering Colleges in India

India is widely known as the country producing the largest number of engineers every year. There are a number of colleges where you can get your engineering degree in different fields. However, not all engineering colleges are created equally. In order to help you get the best from your investment, here is our list of top engineering colleges in India:

1. Top of the Crop: Indian Institute of Technology

Indian Institute of Technology

Perennial favorites of top students, Indian Institutes of Technology are placed at the top of engineering colleges in India. Currently, there are 18 IITs around the country. While, some of these are relatively new, the quality of education and exposure is consistently above average in all the IITs. These institutes are required to meet and maintain stringent standards. Their alumni list boast of top technocrats, business magnets and entrepreneurs. These institutes are highly selective. Apart from undergraduate courses in engineering, IITs also offers various other sciences and business related degrees including PhDs. These institutes not only emphasize academic excellence, but also endeavor to give a well-rounded experience to its students. You can expect world class education and infrastructure at IITs.