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Top 5 Celebs Home In India

Celebrities are envied for a lot of things – their looks, their extravagance, their fame and so much more. Perhaps, their houses are another thing to add to the list. Not only do they have some world-class amenities in their homes, but they are usually located in the best part of the city. These homes bring out the best of the best – right from exclusive architecture to fashionable landscapes and interior designs and décor.

Since we are always curious about our favourite stars and their lives, here is a list of the top five celebrity homes in India.

1. Mannat – Home of Shah Rukh Khan, The King of Bollywood

Mannat – Home of Shah Rukh Khan

Mannat – Home of Shah Rukh Khan, The King of Bollywood

Being as popular as he is, perhaps it comes as not much of a surprise that the cost of his property is around 125 to 150 crore. Known as the king of Bollywood, he is the second richest actor in the world and owns a beautiful home located in Bandra, Mumbai. Just a glance at this place will show you that this King knows to live life king size. This beautiful mansion, which he named ‘Mannat’ meaning ‘Vow to the Gods’ was declared a heritage site exempting it from ever being demolished. This place was bought from the Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust and was revamped into the majestic, neo classical bungalow it is today. Facing the Arabian Sea, the view is beautiful. In addition to posh furniture and accessories, it has beautiful artwork that adorns its walls.