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Top 5 Indian Happy Cities

Most of us have seen the LG advertisement time and time again on the telly. It ends LG’s tagline, “Life is Good.” Yes, for most of us life is good when we are happy. But what really defines happiness? Is it money? Loved ones? Job security? Good health? Or, something else? Happiness is hard to explain, but we know for sure it is a feeling which can make us smile; make us and others around us feel positive; and helps us strive harder towards our goals.

While happiness cannot be measured, there are some cities in India, which may be the right one for you if you are sick of the doom and gloom prevailing in your city or town. Here are the top 5 happiest cities in India, according to a survey conducted by LG (obviously!) and IMRB (International Market Research Bureau) International.

1. Chandigarh – The Home of Ultimate Happiness


This beautiful and progressive city is the happiest of them all. Perhaps it is the planning that has gone into making this union territory or lovely urban gardens. The city was designed by Le Corbusier and is extremely well-planned and organized. But that is not all. It is a modern city that has embraced its past. It is filled with beautiful architecture, relaxing gardens and attractive attractions, such as Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake. Of course the people of Chandigarh love their food. So, there is no dearth of great restaurants to suit everyone’s pocket.