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Top 5 Successful Disabled People of India

India has the record of producing several talented singers, actors, athletes, writers, scientists and similar personalities since ancient ages. However, a number of Indians have also become extremely successful in various fields braving their physical disabilities and associated limitations. Their life is nothing short of miraculous and fellow Indians should feel proud of such men and women from their country.

Top 5 Indians Who Overcame Numerous Physical Disabilities And Outperformed Others:

1. Sudha Chandran – The Dancing Diva Who Conquered Disability

Sudha Chandran

This pretty and talented lady who later became an acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer and also excelled in acting, lost a leg at the tender age of 16. The unfortunate incident took place after in an accident when she was returning with her parents from Chennai. Following the accident and improper treatment, the injured right leg was affected by gangrene. When it was discovered by the doctors, amputation was the only way to survive. It was a traumatic phase of life for her. She could walk straight post the amputation after 4 months. Three years of physiotherapy and setting up of a prosthetic Jaipur foot changed her life. However, without her courage and determination to start life afresh and excel at dancing, she could not achieve what she has! She returned to normal life and started performing on stage again. With the prosthetic leg she established herself as an expert dancer. Sudha also acted in TV serials later and her performance in the movie ‘Naache Maayuri’ fetched her Special Jury Award in 1986 National Film Awards. She has also performed in dance shows overseas a number of times. Her biography was included in syllabus of school children and she continues to be a living inspiration for people with disabilities.