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Top 6 Travel Destinations For Children on Earth

The sheer joy that children find in the absolute nothing of things is mind blowing. How, then, would they react to the best destinations on the planet to visit? New places, new people, new cuisines and not to forget new memories that will be etched in their hearts for a lifetime to come. With all this and more at stake, what’s stopping you from taking them on that much awaited vacation? When in doubt, a list always helps. Let’s see if this does the same.

1. Denmark – The Country of Legoland


Compact, cost effective and magnificent in its own ways, Denmark is the place to be. It feels like it has been built for kids. Tivoli, located in Copenhagen is an amusement park that promises a fairy tale experience. Good music, free food and nightly fireworks are bound to grab the eye of anyone. Legoland is always a favorite, with world icons created out of 20 million piece plastic objects. The Statue of Liberty as well as Star War scenes, all recreated in plastic. What’s not to like in that? The park also hosts a number of rides. Stay at hotel, Legoland and you could be first in line for all the rides.