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Top 7 Hotels In India For A Bachelor Party

A bachelor party has to be a success. There is no two ways about it! Nobody would want their last moment of single-hood to be a drag because it is their last chance to let their guard down and enjoy single hood one last time. Planning the party may not be all that hard as we all know the essentials that we need to cover, but choosing the right place to celebrate this great moment may need a bit more planning. So if you are looking for some top bachelor party destinations in India, you should not miss these

1. North 16 Hotel, Goa

North 16 Hotel, Goa

Goa has everything to offer – from beautiful beaches to crazy parties and this hotel is a one stop destination for all bachelors. You an plan the perfect party for your soon-to be married friend here. After you stay here, you will not want to have it in any other place. Situated right in the middle of North Goa, North 16 is close to the beach and boasts the largest swimming pool in town with a poolside bar so you can keep those drinks coming. You will also find a multi-cuisine restaurant, a bar and a deli to quench your hunger.