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What 5 Smart Nutritionists Eat and Drink at Christmas and New Year Parties

Christmas is a much awaited and major festive occasion people wait for! It is followed by the New Year bash and marks the time for a reunion with family members and close friends. Therefore, it is no wonder that most people, both men and women give up their dietary restrictions and indulge in the yummy but fat and calorie heavy culinary delights in these days. If you want to gorge on delicious foods during this festive time, but do not want to pack in excess calories and fat in the body, there is a way out! You may listen to the tips of top nutritionists on this.

Below listed is the eating and drinking suggestions given by top 5 nutrition experts for Christmas and New Year:

Alice Mackintosh – The Food Doctor Nutritionist

Alice Mackintosh

Mackintosh believes you need not deprive yourself from the majority of sumptuous foods others eat at Christmas and New Year to avoid loading in extra fat and calories. Some of the traditional Christmas foods are actually not harmful from a health perspective.

Turkey is a common dish in thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. This is a source of lean protein. Turkey also contains tryptophan a vital amino acid consuming, which stimulates the flow of serotonin- the happiness inducing hormone. Consuming sprouts is a good idea and homemade cranberry sauce is a nice option to add flavor to the Christmas foods.