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Whatsapp Going To Get Banned Soon?

Technology has made our lives easier and we have no doubt in it. Day by day they invented something which somehow saved our time and money. Firstly phones then cell phones, then texting and now many applications through which we can talk even if the person is sitting far away from you.

Now, we have such mediums to talk to each other like Viber, FB, Skype etc etc. Wait! Did I forget to mention a very important app? Hell yes! Whatsapp ! an application from which we can do some chit chat to each other no matter from which country you are.


Whatsapp has made our life so easy. isn’t that true? Specially after the TRAI regulation according to which you cant text each other anymore if you reach the limit of 100 msg a day. It saves your money plus gives you the facility like to check the last seen of your beloved ones, to display a profile picture and to upload a status too. And now, you can do a whatsapp call too which will surely save your balance and all you need to do is to get a good data plan and hence you can be in touch with your friends, family etc.

People use whatsapp for their personal use like to talk with their love and can even share some pictures too or for some professional use as it do have an option of making group and sending voice messages. You can probably do whatever you wish to.

But ever thought of the situation when it will be no more? no? a big no? then you need to! Yes you heard it right! Whatsapp might get banned in some next few days.


And the reason is its end to end encryption. A petition is filed and they say that it isn’t safe as the terrorist can easily connect to each other as they will have the surety that nobody else is going to read their messages. The petition is filed by a person named Mr Sudhir Yadav who is the RTI activist in Haryana.

He desperately wants the Whatsapp to get banned very soon as according to him, Any terrorist can make some plan to harm our nation and even the agencies can’t trace their messages due to this end to end encryption.

So maybe they can ban the whatsapp because of Mr Sudhir Yadav’s strong petition. But for the final result, we need to wait till 29th june it would be heard on the same day.

So what will be your opinion on it? Is he right? Can it be so harmful or he is just making assumptions? And what will be your preferred choice if it get banned? What will you choose?

Please share your valuable thoughts over the same. we will highly appreciate it and waiting to see your reaction on it.