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The World’s 10 Biggest Companies

People tend to land up in confusion while determining the top companies of the world. While a section of the critics opts for the number of years for which they have been successfully serving the customers, others go for the brand image. If you are willing to see where the top ten biggest companies of the world stand, you need to choose a common parameter-reputable. It is inclusive of the total revenue, brand image and the place it enjoys in the hearts of people. Scroll down to know the names of the top ten companies of the world, ranked by reputation.

1. Rolex


Going by reputation, the luxury watch manufacturer is the most reputed company in the world. Thanks to the high-quality products and customer service it delivers to the people, it has zoomed past several multi-billion financial institutions and established a reliable self-image. In recent years, the profitability of the company has shot up in most of the countries, except China. Here, the new trend of style seems to reject Swiss watches. Nevertheless, it has a vast market encompassing the globe. Rolex was originally a British company, established in London in 1905. At the end of the first World war, Rolex moved its base of operations to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. and since then, it has been going strong in the industry.

2. The Walt Disney Company

 The Walt Disney Company

You were probably expecting the name of your favourite entertainment company in the top ten lists. Considering the revenue, fanfare and reputation, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies of the world. This company is based in California, where it employs over 1,85,000 people. It is known for its clear-cut decisions, without running into long-drawn controversies.

3. Google


This is invariably one of the leading companies of the world, driving a section of the cyber world. It is a search-engine and advertising company from the USA. The multinational company has evolved over the years and included a number of products and services under its umbrella. With a vast array of hardware, software and cloud computing facilities, it plays a leading role in moulding the way people use the internet.

4. The BMW Group

BMW Group

When you think of luxury cars, the name of BMW comes at the top. It occupies the fourth position among the global companies with a reputation as the parameter. In 2015, it occupies the first place, however, it has dropped by three ranks within a couple of years. It completed 100 years in the industry recently and released a ‘concept car’ idea that people may be driving in the next 100 years. It also oversees the manufacturing of Rolls Royce vehicles and makes Mini cars, apart from the luxury vehicles.

5. Apple


Apple, one of the biggest technology brands of the world, has a market cap of $550 billion. With its headquarters in California, USA, it has been in the industry for long. It develops, manufactures and sells mobiles, computers, software and so on. It also includes the MAC and iOS operating systems. It has its branches in almost all fringes of the world, with a good market in Asia and Europe.

6. Lego Group

Lego Group

You must have played with the interlocking plastic bricks during your childhood days. Yes, the brand name is Lego. It is a Danish family-owned business, specializing in toys. Apart from owning several retail groups all over the world, it has also built a number of amusement parks. It lives on innovation and knows the way children would accept its toys.

7. Microsoft


Apart from occupying the seventh place in this list, Microsoft is the third most reputed brand in Asia. Although it was out of the list for a while in 2015, it has come back strong with a good reputation. It faces a good competition from Apple and has outperformed it, particularly in manufacturing detachable tablet. Its key business includes Xbox, MS Office and the Windows Operating System. By 2020, Microsoft targets to conquer as much as 74.6% share of the detachable tablet market in the world.

8. Canon


This company from Japan, is a leading camera producer in the world. Known for the high-quality optical products, it is one of the most reliable brands. It also produces, cam coders, steppers, photocopies and related accessories. In the early phase of 2015, it was ranked tenth among the public companies in Japan, according to market capitalization. Cannon printers are also famous for their quality. Apart from japan, it has regional headquarters in several other countries over the world.

9. Sony


Sony has made its mark in manufacturing a number of electronic products. From cameras to sound systems and laptops, it has a versatile manufacturing ability. Sony has its own class, people can identify its products by their quality, pricing and reliability. No doubt, it has made its way into the top ten list. In 1946, it was founded by Masaru Ibuka and still remains one of the most eminent Japanese companies in the world.

10. Volkswagen


This German car brand is known for its class and looks. Volkswagen stands for ‘people’s automobile’. Apart from Germany, it has manufacturing facilities in several American, European and Asian countries. With the elegance and quality of products it develops, it has occupied a strong place in the minds of its customers.

This list will give you an idea about the biggest companies of the world based on their reputation. The trust of the customers, the quality of products and the stability in business marks their success. You may have already found some of your favourite ones in the list.



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