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Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World

If you happen to be a passionate traveller and love the call of seas, you would fancy travelling in the largest cruise ships of the world. Not only the mesmerising beauty of the seas await you in these ships, you can also pamper yourself in the luxurious infrastructure here. Well, these are no doubt expensive, yet if you have the resources, you can try out a first-hand experience in the royal ships. Well, each of these cruise ships have their unique features and an avid traveller will find them interesting. Here lies the list of top ten largest cruise ships in the world.

1. Allure of the Seas – The Largest Ship

Allure of the Seas

This is a massive 362-metre long ship with a maximum passenger capacity of 6360. The 225,282-ton ship was launched in 2010 and travels across the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. It is the largest cruise ship in the world and is longer than Oasis of the Seas by five centimetres. You can enjoy a sophisticated infrastructure in the ship, along with breathing plants, home to living, central park area and so on. Apart from these, one can enjoy the entertainment and dazzling shows here.

2. Ovation of the Seas – Abode of Royal Features

Ovation of the Seas

This is the newest cruise ship in the world, which started its first journey in April 2016. It is 167000-ton ship with a passenger capacity of 4905. Its cruising grounds include China, New Zealand and Australia. Structurally, it is identical to the Anthem of the Seas and the Quantum. It provides all the features of luxury and comfort to the passengers. Some of the fascinating features in the ship include roller skating, skydiving stimulator, SeaPlex indoor space and North Star viewing capsule.

3. Queen Mary 2 – The Trans-Atlantic Queen

Queen Mary 2

This 345-metre long ship was launched in 2004. It has the capacity to carry 3039 passengers and travel across the Atlantic Ocean. Well, this is the only ocean liner in the world that happens to be trans-Atlantic. It has a maximum speed of 30 knots, or 56 kmph. One can enjoy a number of luxurious features, including tea inside the Queen’s room, planetarium, kennels at sea and so on.

4. Norwegian Escape – Escape to the Marine Horizons

Norwegian Escape

This ship ranks fourth in the list, with a length of 334.6 metres. It was launched in November, 2015 and cruises down the crystalline waters of the Eastern Caribbean. It has a capacity to accommodate 5,400 passengers and happens to be the first of Breakaway Plus class of ships Of Norwegian Cruise Line. It is more popular than the older ships in the fleet, including the Breakaway and the Getaway. It has special attractions of the thrill-seekers, including ropes, aqua park, sky rails, and many other features.

5. Freedom of the Seas – The Caribbean Freedom

Freedom of the Seas

This is another spectacular wonder created by the Royal Caribbean. It can carry 4,375 passengers and has a length of 339 metres. Launched in 2006, it spans a vast area across the Eastern and Western Caribbean seas. When it was launched more than a decade ago, it was the largest cruise ship of the world. In 2011, received a makeover of multimillion dollars and a number of new features were incorporated in it. These include a large television screen by the poolside, a cupcake shop and live cartoon characters.

6. Norwegian Epic – Largest Norwegian ship

Norwegian Epic

This is another gigantic asset for the Norwegian Cruise Line. It has certain unique features like a solo cabin, a rappelling wall and ice cabin. It was the only ship in the world to have these features when it was launched in 2010. It is 329 metres long and features the largest alley for bowling at sea. You can enjoy the luxurious amenities for comfort when you are on the Epic. It has the capacity to carry 5,183 passengers and has turned out to be ideal for pleasure trips and family holidays.

7. Norwegian Breakaway – Enjoy the Luxury

Norwegian Breakaway

This ship cruises around a number of island in the Pacific Ocean, including the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas. Launched in 3013, it is 325 metres long and can accommodate around 3889 passengers. It resembles the cruise ship named Getaway, which also belongs to NCL. It has a number of luxurious features, including solo cabins. There are as many as three decks dedicated for entertainment purposes.

8. Regal Princess – A Vast Plethora of onboard Resources

Regal Princess

This is another large cruise ship of the world that travels around northern Europe and the Caribbean. It was launched in 2014 and has some of the finest amenities for comfort. It is a 141000-ton ship, with house restaurants, spiral staircases, splendid decks, bars, shops and cafes. It also has lavish spas, pizzas and can carry a maximum of 3,600 passengers. It is known for its three-deck atrium that delivers a fascinating look to it.

9. World Cruising’s Britannia – The British Taste of luxury

This is a British ship, launched in March, 2015. It travels around the Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea and South America. With a passenger capacity of 4345, it is the largest ship of Britain and weighs around 141000 tons. It measures 330 metres in length and is known for the varieties of food available here. People can enjoy a lot of luxury and sophistication in this particular ship.

10. MSC Preziosa – Travel with your family

MSC Preziosa

After MSC Cruises launched this 333 metres ship back in 2013, it became the third largest cruise line in the world. Well, it allows several family-friendly features to the travellers. Children and teenagers under the age of 18 can travel for free when they go for family rides. One can also enjoy the ‘ship within a ship’ here. It has 69 suites in it. Besides, you can enjoy the marvellous beauty of the seas from the ship. The special attractions include a sundeck and private pool. It has its own restaurants and provides several family-friendly services.

If you are ready to enjoy the comfort and beauty of the cruises, you can opt for one of these ships. A cruise ride on these royal ships is not a mere journey, it is an experience. Affluent travellers long for this experience over the years and it gives indeed a wonderful feeling to be amid this comfort and luxury.



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