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10 Best Places To Visit in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most exotic cities in the world. You can pamper your luxurious fantasies in the city, perfectly dotted with shopping malls, fine dining and hotels. It offers a good mix of Asian and European cultures. Backed by excellent transportation, one can travel across the city seamlessly. You will have no problem in communication, as English is spoken all over the country. All these make it one of the most comfortable and easiest cities to explore in the world. Have a look at the ten best places to visit in Singapore.

  1. Marina Bay Sands – The sublime beauty

Luxurious hotels, restaurants and a vast plethora of shops-all these await the visitors in one of the costliest resorts of the world. It has the largest convention centre in Asia, along with a theatre and Art Science Museum. You can enjoy indoor skating on synthetic ice in the resort. The resort cost USD 5.7 billion to be constructed back in 2010. You can sit in the observation deck of the ship, traversing along the canal around the place, enjoying the beauty in true serenity.

Marina Bay Sands

  1. Gardens by the bay – The choice of nature lovers

Although this is one of the latest inclusions in the tourist attractions of Singapore, you would never want to miss it out. Especially, if you love gardening, this is a must-visit place for you. Located in a reclaimed land in the central area of Singapore, there are three gardens in it. These consist of the Bay Central, Bay East and Bay South. The Central Bay has a waterfront and establishes the connectivity with the two other gardens. In the other gardens, there are fine specimens of horticulture and tall tree-like constructions.

Gardens by the bay

  1. Singapore Botanic Gardens – The abode for the rarest trees

If you are a lover of greenery, you will consider visiting this garden with more than 60,000 species of plants and animals. This is the ideal place to visit if you are running on a tight budget. There are numerous gardens in the complex, most of which are free. The only place where you need to make an extra payment is the National Orchid Garden. Well, this place has something wonderful to offer and is the most visited section of the garden. It was for this garden that Singapore had received its first UNESCO World Heritage nomination.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

  1. Chinatown – A slice of Chinese taste in Singapore

Bright red lanterns, Chinese food and temples in this area set up the perfect ambience for the China-like feelings. This section is brimming with excitement. You will enjoy the culture, bustling every moment with activities. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temples are two major places of attractions here. The Chinese Heritage Centre is another place of interest in this section. Not to be missed out, you should visit the Ann Siang Hill area to have a look at the refined boutiques.

  1. Little India and Arab Street – The beauty of diversity

Golden domes and excellent craftsmanship of the Arab quarters steal the breath of the visitors in this particular area of Singapore. If you are not a Muslim, you will have remain contended with the external beauty. In other cases, you may enter the prayer hall. If you are fond of shopping, you can visit the Bali and Haji lanes. In the Indian section, you can witness the 200-year-old Indian tradition lingering in Singapore. Make sure that you visit Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

Little India and Arab Street

  1. Singapore Flyer – Ride if you have guts

If you love Ferris Wheels, this will really be a breath-taking experience for you. This giant wheel will allow you to see stunning scenes below. Well, you need guts to soar over 500 feet above the ground. It was opened back in 2008 and at that time, it was the highest Ferris wheels of the world. It can also accommodate disabled people and has the capacity to 28 people in each car.

Singapore Flyer

  1. Singapore Night Safari – The call of adventure

People who are inclined to nature and wildlife may want to flee from the bustle of the city into the nocturnal ambience in Singapore. Welcome to the night Safari, where you can have a marvellous experience among the wilderness. It has been one of the top attractions of Singapore since its inauguration in 1984. You can enjoy a tram ride or walk through a trail in the forest. There are captive breeding programmes through which the endangered species of the world are protected here.

Singapore Night Safari

  1. Clarke Quay – Enjoy your shopping

This is one of Singapore’s busiest commercial zones today. If you want to have a taste of the diverse food available here, you can excite your taste buds. Since the 19th century, this area has been the key commercial hubs of the country. It is located at the mouth of the Singapore river. There are trendy boutiques, bars and restaurants in the area, along with nightspots for the visitors to enjoy. It is yet another place in the city with a lot of hustle and bustle.

Clarke Quay

  1. Changi Chapel and Museum – The core of heritage

The Changi Chapel and Museum narrates the horrors faced by the country in the World War II era. There are drawings, photographs, letters and other testimonies of over 50,000 prisoners who were imprisoned by the Japanese. The Changi Chapel replicates one of the several chapels of the era. It is an open-air courtyard and has a statue, resembling the determination of the soldiers not to buckle under the Japanese pressure.

Changi Chapel and Museum

  1. Singapore Zoo – Visit to see some rare species

This is a clean and attractive rainforest zoo that offers you a vast plethora of wildlife. Meerkats, chimpanzees, zebras, komodo dragons and mole rats are just a few specimens of the animals here. You can also enjoy a boat safari and a night safari in the giant panda forest if you please. The Jurong Bird Park is one of the other attractions of the area. You can also see the feeding of some animals. Altogether, it is a grand experience to visit the place.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore offers a wide diversity in culture, traditions, flora and fauna in spite of being a small country. Try out some of these places to enjoy the beauty of the country. Singapore is one of the most expensive yet satisfying travel destinations of the world today.



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